I grew up around the sounds of an old 1970s Olympus film camera being clicked away by my father.  I was mainly the subject until I purchased my first film camera. I guess you can say photography is in my blood, almost second nature.

I was born in California and raised there and Arkansas (USA). I’m a strange blend of Cali-girl meets Southern hospitality. I have traveled the globe and am now based in the Mediterranean community of Malaga, Spain, the birthplace of Picasso but most importantly, Antonio Banderas.

I am an explorer and an artist. I love making brunch…it’s what makes community.

One word with a hyphen, ROAD-TRIPS specifically in a 2003 VW teal van called “The Wagonacle”.

I am a storyteller prone to only small exaggerations. I love people and what makes us so similar and yet so diverse and different. There is something that binds all of us together and I use my photography to highlight that connection through the exploration of our unique and profound stories.

I want to share the untold stories and make the far and un-relatable seem close and permanent and real. Whether it is a celebration of a bride and groom, a humanitarian photo essay, or a story of exploration and discovery, my hope is that you will connect with an image or story and find beauty that inspires you beyond what meets the eye.

I frequently travel around Europe, the USA, and wherever my heart calls, so let me know if you want to connect. Would love to grab a flat white or a glass of Rioja!